#59 – How to find your best customers on Linkedin


What Chris reminded me about attracting customers is so obvious most people have forgotten it. Chris is a very successful businessman. He went from selling industrial machinery to household energy, both with considerable success.   And he has a strong sense for what types of people are most likely to buy from you. The good […]

#56 – What to say in your Linkedin messages to new potential customers

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Yesterday, a very brainy specialist in so-called ‘customer advocacy*’ asked me a question I’d not heard before. I was delivering a training session to a software company in London. And their business-to-business sales rep Tima wanted to know exactly what to write in messages to new potential customers she found on Linkedin. Quite rightly, she […]

#55 – The simple truth Paul discovered about business

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Paul was terrified when he invested huge sums of his (and his friends’) money to start his own business. But he discovered a simple truth. And built his empire in the competitive world of software sales almost entirely on the back of it. What he’s achieved is extremely impressive. He’s now working with some of […]